Parklander – the best for Australia

Here at Parklands we’re big on providing the best quality products to our nationwide dealer network. Our business team has scoured the globe doing the hard yards to bring you the best. We’ve got a stable of some of the world’s best outdoor garden, work and farm equipment on the market. We’re proud of the products we supply to the marketplace. Yet of course we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities. In 2006 we decided to do something different - something completely new for our company. We decided to go direct to the manufacturer to produce product ourselves for the Australian market - designed by Australians, for Australian conditions. Since that simple, yet momentous, decision the past few years have been a whirlwind of activity. And what we’ve got now is a brand totally unique to the Australian market.

Parklander products can be found for a variety of applications around the home and also on the farm/property. These products include: blowers/ misters/sprayers, brushcutters, chainsaws, chipper/ shredders, cultivators, hedge trimmers, lawn mowers, zero-turn lawnmowers, pole saws and vacuums. Not to mention our brand new range of utility vehicles (UTVs) and quad bikes.

So if you’re keen on great value, good quality products, designed in Australia for Australians – then Parklander is the brand for you.