Better than a ride-on - the Parklander PWC-33k slasher Monday, February 13, 2012 @ 15:31:50

Warren Mellor & his Parklander PWC-33K Commercial Slasher

Parklander PWC-33K Commercial Slasher "Better Than A Ride-on"

Sometimes helping a mate can cost you—in a manner of speaking. Tall Timbers Mowers and Chainsaws’ Reg Sorensen asked a mate of his, Warren Mellor, to give him a hand unpacking a Parklands delivery that included a commercial slasher. At that point the seed of a future purchase was planted in Warren’s brain.

Already using a ride-on mower to maintain his 2,500 m2 property, Warren liked the idea of the flexibility that this would give over a ride-on. His property, located in Ourimbah, NSW, is hilly and on a slope (up to 60? at some places).

The 33” cut was similar to that of his ride-on. He notes that the drive belts located well above the blades and being fully covered meant that any rubbish on the ground doesn’t affect the belts. This feature already removed one problem he currently had to contend with.

Electronic start sealed it

The model that Warren originally looked at was the PWC-28E, with 11.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and 28” cut. Still not decided, he looked around for something similar and finally decided on the PWC-33K, which has a more powerful 13 hp Kawasaki engine.

He particularly liked the larger (33”) cut and the clincher for him was the electronic start. This just made life so much easier, so Warren and Reg shook hands on this model slasher.

Self-propelled makes working the yard easier

The PWC-33K, like it’s smaller cousin, is self-propelled. This feature means that the hard work of having to push a large machine is not a consideration. And this in a way is a good trade-off on losing the convenience of sitting on a ride-on mower.

Working his property, Warren thinks that work is now so much easier. And, with the hilly terrain and sloping ground no longer a problem, Warren is really happy with the Parklander slasher

Warren also likes the three-speed gearbox, the easy height adjustment and the serviceability, with easy to reach grease nipples.

Gave ride-on mower away

What can Warren say about the slasher? While he’s only had this for a few months, he cannot praise the great unit enough. The only negative according to him is the lack of a guard on the exhaust.

Other than that, he has no complaints. In fact, he has referred a number of people to Tall Timbers Mowers, to look at their range of Parklander slashers. And, what about his old ride-on?

“Oh, I got rid of it.” Warren adds: “After all I don’t need it anymore now that I have my Parklander slasher. It’s a great little machine and I couldn’t be happier.”